Earn With Dragster

Work when you have a time, regardless of whether you have a car or not. Easy decent money with a best Melbourne delivery service.


Our Benefits

Several reasons for you to choose our Melbourne express delivery


Modern Service

Dragster offers a modern service based on the courier’s responsibility, user convenience and speed of delivery. Dragster couriers are free and independent freelancers connected to our platform and guaranteeing order fulfillment. Dragster courier is our equal partner, no more no less. We help to build a customer-courier relationship.

A Unique Opportunity To Make Money In Your Free Time

No special skills are required for this job. All you need is a smartphone, a desire to move and a good mood. It's up to you to decide how and when to work. You choose the route and the way to move.

Highly Specialized Service

Dragster is a highly specialized service. Courier deals only with delivery from point A to point B. We value our courier partners - all deliveries must be properly arranged and have a certain weight. Signing up is absolutely free, with no monthly fees. Using the service is intuitive and simple - take delivery, fulfill the order, get remuneration to your account.

How To Become a Courier of Dragster?


Sign up as a courier


Get an online training


Get a bonus to your account and start earning by completing delivery orders


  • We help people by connecting ones in need to deliver something with others who can do it. We do not have any staff or employees. All delivery providers are people like you, who simply want to use their time and earn some extra for their families and themselves. We only charge for the use of the IT platform we crafted for the convenience of both, customers and providers of the service.

  • Any person over 18 years old.

  • To become a courier or a service provider you have to register in the system and leave a request for review by service managers. You may need to provide ID and may be asked to provide an actual Police check document. You have to have a valid phone number and a mobile device (usually a phone) which meets the requirements of the service mobile application (check it in Google Play or Apple Store). IMPORTANT: Make sure you read and agreed to the Service Agreement before you start.

  • Upon approval of your request, you should receive a notification. This means you are ready to take orders.

  • You can see all pending orders in your Account View. Check “Available Orders” menu.

  • We recommend that you contact the client and figure out all the details of the delivery.

  • ASAP orders are special express delivery option for the clients. It puts a limitation on how long it may take to complete the delivery. If you take on such an order, make sure you can fully complete it in 2 hours time (starting from taking the order by you).

  • You can only give the order back to system pool under valid contingency, such as broken transport or sickness. Should this situation occur to you, you must contact Support immediately.

  • This means that the client wants a courier to go to the destination and then back to the starting location.

  • This means that couriers with car can only take the order.

  • By the rules of Service we kindly ask you to wait for 15 minutes. It is also recommended to give a client a call and remind then that you are waiting. When 15 minutes wait time is exceeded please call Support for further advice.

  • Please try to figure out the reason of refusal and then contact the Support. If a delivery was prepaid then inform the refusing party that the payment is still required following the service agreement.

  • Upon the receiving of goods, the receiving party should give you a code, which you can use to close the delivery in the system. You may only ask for the code when delivery is complete.

  • Please call the Support to resolve this situation.

  • If size, weight, type of the goods are different from what is in the order, the courier may refuse to deliver it. To avoid penalties, please call Support immediately in such a case.

  • If you suspect the goods may be dangerous or have any other suspicion about them, you may ask the client to show you the content. You may also take a photo of it. If the client refuses, please call Support for further instructions.

  • Please contact Support immediately.

  • Yes, there are fees for missing deadlines and other requirements, or on the cost of damage to goods, if any.

  • Here are the reasons why you may be denied the service: - Breaking the terms of the Service agreement; - Dealing with the client directly; - Misconduct; - 30 days of inactivity; - Breaking the Australian Law.

  • You should call the Support to resolve this situation.

  • Any hours convenient to you.

  • Yes, you should have a valid ABN and you should provide it to the Service during registration.