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Try one of the best urgent delivery services in Melbourne. Here only available couriers for a really low price.


Our Benefits

Several reasons for you to choose our Melbourne express delivery


Perfect Delivery For Businesses And Individuals

Our delivery service provides an access to an unlimited number of available couriers, ready to make a delivery at any time of the day in Melbourne.

Manage You Delivery

Forget about next day delivery and waiting for an available courier. Our courier express service will deliver you package within tree hours from the time the order is accepted by the courier in Melbourne.

100% Guarantee*

A courier who accepts your order is 100% liable* for the delivery. If delivery is failed without a valid reason, the system returns your money (declared value of a package), cargo is considered to be acquired by the courier, who is automatically banned from the platform.

Express Delivery

Sign up as a client and get an access to a simple delivery management system. Use the payment methods of your choice

We Offer 2 Possible Melbourne Delivery Timeframes



delivery in 3 hours

Same Day


pick the suitable date and time

Calculate Your Delivery Cost

Just provide your pick-up and delivery locations and find out an approximate cost of your delivery

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About Us

Dragster Team is doing theirs best to create the most advanced Melbourne delivery platform for both customers and for couriers

We do our best to provide last mile delivery service for you in Melbourne. Everything is online which makes it easy to use and even more easy to track with our delivery tracking system.


Ready To Get The Best Delivery?

What Customers Are A Saying


Andrew Smith (Owner)

Flowers by Tribal Rose


Our Business has been using Dragster couriers since their inception in November 2021. As a busy inner city florist with a high volume of send-out work, we have relied on Dragster to do these deliveries for us. They have been Magnificent! Always on time, highly efficient and with competitive pricing, they are just a pleasure to work with. I can truly recommend Dragster – they won’t let you down – ever!



Atelier Fleur


Smooth online delivery logging, great communication, prompt service, quick deliveries and friendly people, and not to mention well priced - we couldn’t recommend Dragster more highly! Having trialled other delivery services, nothing comes close to the service they provide


  • We help people by connecting ones in need to deliver something with others who can do it. We do not have any staff or employees. All delivery providers are people like you, who simply want to use their time and earn some extra for their families and themselves. We only charge for the use of the IT platform we crafted for the convenience of both, customers and providers of the service.

  • Any person 18 years or older, capable of providing the services enlisted.

  • Simply register in the Service and you are ready to go. IMPORTANT: Make sure you read and agreed to the Service Agreement before you start.

  • We are a Melbourne based IT startup and start rather small, by delivering in the local area. But we have ambitions to grow national-wide and beyond.

  • The platform is built to help the clients find providers to deliver small non-dangerous and non-regulated goods. Feel free to use the service to order delivery of documents, flowers, merchandise, etc. Please note that package shouldn't be more than 80cm per each of the dimensions and shouldn't be heavier than 20 kg. If one of these conditions is not met - unfortunatley we can't guarantee that deilvery will be done within the requested timeframe. However please provide the dimensions in the comments and we'll do everything possible to arrange it for you.

  • Up to $350. Every courier has a rating that defines how much of a cost they can deliver. Please do not inflate the cost as it will make harder to find the right provider for you. 


  • No cash is allowed to be used. All payments including penalties and fees are processed electronically. If you are a provider and use the platform to make the income, make sure you properly report it to the tax authorities.

  • No, sorry. Only cards and other electronic methods are allowed.

  • The platform allows planning your delivery on time and doing it quickly. Express options are available, but may cost more.

  • Clients and providers are put in the contact using verified phone numbers. When a status of your delivery changed, you will get a notification via SMS.

  • You will receive a unique code on your phone. Upon the delivery you will be asked to provide this code to the courier, so the delivery can be completed. Please do not disclose this code to anyone until the goods are received.

  • Please call our support in case of any question in regards to your order.

  • Please call to the support immediately (time is vital in this case). We will connect the courier and try to resolve the situation to everyone’s benefit.

  • Yes, you can delete a pending order.

  • Courier will wait for 15 minutes upon arrival (you should receive a confirmation on the arrival). The courier may not wait longer than this and may mark an order as failed. You may be charged a penalty in cases like this, so please be caring and do not let the couriers down.

  • Yes, simply select additional delivery locations whole making/editing an order.

  • Yes, simply select a two-way delivery option while making an order.

  • Yes, no problem.

  • Bonus points are given to couriers for successful deliveries. The more bonus points a courier has, the more pricey goods they can deliver.

  • Aside from points that allow couriers to deliver more expensive goods, we have a system of feedback and reviews. We collect feedback on the quality of service courier provided and use this information while selecting the right provider.

  • Yes. All couriers registered as service providers should provide a valid ID, and may be asked for an actual police check. We ask couriers for the consent that this information can be made available for the authorities, should this be required to resolve a dispute.

  • Courier can buy goods for you and deliver them to you. You must compensate the courier the amount he or she prepaid for the goods. To return the goods, you must compensate the courier first, then organise the return with the courier.